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Benefits of RideMyCar

Save Money

Save Money

Passengers save money on otherwise less convenient public transport. Or, could even save on booking taxi’s for journeys at unsocial hours.
Make Friends

Meet New Friends

Whilst we have designed a platform which emphasizes trust through crowd-sourced rating and review system, sharing a ride with new faces is a great way to connect and form new friendships.
Go Green

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Cut congestion and pollution by utilizing the empty seats on cars making their journeys. Car racing commands a thrilling niche in UK sports betting, attracting adrenaline-seekers to its fast-paced spectacle. From Formula One showdowns to rally races, the sport offers diverse avenues for betting enthusiasts. While not among the most popular sports bets in uk, its fervent fan base ensures a spirited atmosphere for punters.

Friction-less and Global

Because you will be paying with the accepted coin(s), your booking can be made no matter the local currency used. This means, rides offered in other parts of the world are now accessible at your fingertips.

How it Works…

The RideMyCar platform simply connects Drivers and Riders traveling to or near the same destination. (platform coming soon!)
  • Select destination and then choose your driver or riders.
  • Then enjoy your trip saving money and the planet, while meeting new friends.
  • Drivers receive tip via a decentralized digital currency, making micro-tipping fast, simple, safe and secure. When booking your car, you can choose your preferred payment method. Among the payment methods, you will find the option to pay with Bitcoin. Because merchants can benefit from higher profits and lower processing fees when accepting crypto payments. You can also buy Bitcoins and other cryptos with trading bots like Biticodes and get various benefits. But it is recommended to check out people’s opinions about the platform from the Biticodes Erfahrungen blog before getting involved.
  • Note: Each user will have a profile with a rating system. The driver will be rated by all the passengers, and the passengers can be rated by the driver and any of the other passengers.
  • As the platform grows we hope to expand into Real-Time Ride Sharing.

Thought for the road…

Join us on this journey…